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Avoid Acting Scams

Our most popular¬†post has helped hundreds from falling for the acting scam of “being discovered”!

“Reading your blog helped and had lots of good info. You are doing a real service to kids interesting in pursuing a career in acting.” -Donna B.

Seven Steps To A Professional Acting Career – Part 1

"What have you done for me lately?!" Mr. Martello called out to his new ensemble cast. He was my high school drama teacher. He was revered by the student body and the community for putting on truly excellent theater that put other schools to shame including some local...

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Getting Started in Acting

The Critical First Test. Do you need to act? So there I was sitting in a folding chair ready to take notes from a well-known professional acting coach. I was anxious to hear the 'secret' to the acting business in Atlanta. She began, "Don't be an actor unless you need...

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