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Once upon a time…

…there was a young actor singing on his high school musical stage. Unbeknownst to him, a famous director was in the audience and that is where his blockbuster career acting tipbegan…

Don’t we all wish this is how we could get discovered? It would be so easy. We’re walking down the street and a casting director takes one look at us and says, “You’ve got a great look that I could use in a movie I’m casting.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case; sudden fame does not happen to the vast, vast majority of us. Actors who seem to suddenly appear in several blockbuster movies have spent years cultivating their craft, going on auditions, hearing a LOT of “Nos,” going to acting class, over and over again, and networking their butts off. Like most jobs, you need to learn your industry, network with others, and promote your talents in order to succeed. You need to get training, take feedback, and continually work to improve yourself. Acting is not for the feint of heart. It takes constant grind and passion to succeed.

The biggest tip for actors: YOU control your career.

It is not the casting director, your agent, or your parents. If you want to act, you have to be working on your craft all.the.time. That may mean reading books by actors and/or acting coaches. Finding scripts to study, memorize, and perform. Locate local acting classes and become a learner no matter how much you know. Be willing to become a student from someone who has had success in the industry that you are learning about.

Taking control also means being on the casting websites and searching for parts that fit you and submit to them. Reach out to other local actors and network. Find an actor who is a bit further ahead than you and ask for some time with them. Remember, actors that are working their career may not have the time, but if they give you recommendations, follow them.

It’s all on you to do the work.

When you recognize that your success falls on your willingness to put yourself out there and invest in your craft, you will be in a better place to move yourself forward. Don Cheadle explains that to be an actor there is work involved. Start at :53 and take a look at his response when people ask him, “How can I be an actor?”

Clearly, this is great advice from a professional! Research the resources he offered, The Stanislavski System and Uta Hagen. Many of these books can be found under the Scene Shop in this website.

Acting does not come easy.

It takes work, to gain experience, and experience to move forward. Start building your resume by being an extra on some feature films, enroll in a local acting class at a college or in your community, join the community theater. Put in real work rather than waiting for success to come knocking on your door.