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Avoid Acting Scams

Our most popular post has helped hundreds from falling for the acting scam of “being discovered”!

“Reading your blog helped and had lots of good info. You are doing a real service to kids interesting in pursuing a career in acting.” -Donna B.

Scam “Agencies” vs. Real Talent Agencies

Here's the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): DO NOT Pay upfront to be "accepted" into an "agency" or for representation. This acting scam is so old I can't believe the lines for it remain so long. The dream of acting stardom can be so intoxicating that it literally makes...

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Seven Steps To A Professional Acting Career – Part 3

Alright! You're on your way. You've got enough experience to fill a starter resume', you have awesome headshots, you've learned a ton in your acting classes, you persevered and are represented by an agent, you're networking and you even have identified someone who...

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Seven Steps To A Professional Acting Career – Part 2

Ok. If you read Part 1, you know you'll need acting experience, professional headshots, and some solid training to get started in this crazy industry.  If it wasn't obvious, all three of those first steps should be occurring at about the same time. Now, some of you...

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